Trail Runs, Injuries, and Bathtubs.

Throughout this year I have had several of my friends encourage me to start a blog.  Sharing my thoughts in a public forum. As someone who gets tongue tied in groups of more than two, this is a way I can share my thoughts in a comprehendible way. Writing also encourages me to observe my surroundings more: the shapes the clouds are forming, the books and blogs I’m reading, the people I encounter, my emotions I am experiencing. Taking in all that is being offered to me in this life and finding joy in those moments.

Recently, I went on a 4 mile trail run with a group of people. Having only reached 2 miles on my run the day before I was feeling doubtful about being able to survive the rocks, bends, curves, and sudden drops.
Good news: I loved the experience and ran the entire course without stopping.
Bad news: I rolled my ankle at the beginning, scraping my right knee in the process.

Once I tell myself I’m going to run something, I tend to get a little stubborn. It reminds me  of a particular 2 mile race in high school. It was snowing and all I had on were my tights and my track uniform.  My feet, hands, ears, and face were numb. We were about halfway through the run when I overheard a coach yell to one of his runners, who was right behind me, that I was losing steam. He was right, I was feeling fatigued. In that moment I decided I was going to beat this girl. I let her pass me and I followed her closely, pushing her to the last 100m. Once we reached that point I somehow found the willpower within myself to pass her.  One of my fastest two mile times that season.

The reason why I share this is because when I’ve decided I’m going to run something, I do it. Don’t care if there is rain, excessive heat, or if it is dark outside; especially when I’m running with others. I decided that fateful day I was going to run the entire 4 mile course and I wasn’t going to let a little blood stop me.  As a result, I caused a series of off-putting events, starting with my ankle sprain and scraped knee.

That night I drew a hot bath to soak my knee and clean the remainder of the dirt out. I got into the tub and as I stuck my knee into the water I felt the pain flood through my body and my clenched fists immediately went into the water. It was then that I realized I had my phone in my hand the entire time.

I did what I could for the phone but found out today that it will not charge. I dug out my old Blackberry and had AT&T dude reactivate it to use until Apple announces their new phone on Tuesday. Apparently AT&T dude did not know what he was doing because my Blackberry did not get reactivated and my iPhone is still going with the little battery it has left. Now, I have no phone and possibly no contacts since AT&T dude replaced my SIM card in my Blackberry.

Needless to say, the past few days have not gone according to plan and I have had to adjust my schedule quite a bit. Not something I’m too fond of.
Strangely, I haven’t missed my phone much. I have no problem with no one being able to reach me and have realized just how much I do not need my phone. My injury has forced me to stop and take it easy for the weekend (again), although not running is driving me up the wall right now.  And finally, this all has resulted in me sitting down and actually getting this blog up and running.

Perhaps my series of off-putting events have been a blessing… A frustrating blessing.


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