Tips from a 24-year old Grad Student on Liquid Computer Disasters

Here are some tips just in case your laptop gets doused by a random liquid of your choice:

1. Turn it off immediately. Don’t just sit there denying that it even happened, continuing what you were doing before. Even if your plans didn’t allow time for a spill and you really need to get a ton of shit done. Turn. It. Off.
2. If you take the computer apart, don’t leave the parts in an easily accessible place. Animals, like say a cat, tend to be attracted to objects they are not supposed to touch. And they might eat them.
3. Be prepared for your relationship with that liquid to change drastically. I am currently drinking tea and having terrible headaches. You do the math.
4. Allow yourself to feel the full spectrum of emotions that will ensue over the next two days. There is guaranteed anger, a few tears, and a ton of anxiety.
5. Pray. Or if you are like me: go to communion, thank The Lord Jesus for his sacrifice, and plead for him to salvage what is left of your data on your computer. Perhaps pray a psalm or two that truly reflect your emotions. The Big Guy really loves that.
6. After that tidal wave of….. Crap. Accept it. I’ve gone through every possible solution and tried to control every bit of this process. Unfortunately, I will just have to wait for another 24 hours and see if my computer is okay. If it is indeed fried, I hope I will at least be able to recover some of the stuff I have written over the years, along with some writing samples. If I’m not able to even do that, I will cry for a very long time and may need a few friends to console me. Eventually, life will go on.
7. And finally, Be prepared for it to be the longest 48 hours of your life.