Goodbye, Missouri. Hello, North Carolina!

Since I have a lot of people wanting me to keep them updated, I thought I would do so through the good old blog that I barely post anything to. Let’s jump right in.

First, I have not moved permanently moved to Raleigh. I am here for the summer for my two internships at The Gay Christian Network and The American Sexual Health Association. Second, I have not left Woodcrest. I still plan on attending when I get back at the end of the summer. 🙂 Now that we have sorted that out…

I knew coming into this that I would have a really hard time transitioning. I’ve never been much for change. As a kid, I would get severely homesick and cry every single night I was away. As a teenager, I acted out when I felt bombarded by the changes that had become a part of my life. Now, I am able to handle it without running to my room, slamming my door, and blasting my music. Much, I am sure, to the delight of my roommates.

Speaking of roommates, I have them now. That has been an adjustment. From living on your own with your furry cat child, to roommate of 3 other people. I’ve finally gotten the hang of closing the door when I go to the bathroom, now I just have to remember to take my clothes in with me when I shower.

The first week I spent getting used to said roommates, the city, and meeting a shit-ton of new people at my internships. (By shit-ton I mean like 5 people at each place) Meeting new people, in a new place, with no friends to go home to…. my anxiety was through the roof. One of the “many” people I met was Justin Lee. I walked into the meeting room unknowingly about to meet him. I walked in, saw him, and immediately my bladder turned to the size of a walnut. Being the genuinely nice guy he is, he started asking me how I was doing and where I was living. I — standing there shaking and feeling about ready to pee my pants — naturally told him I didn’t know (even though I knew exactly where I lived). While he looked up my address on his phone, I sat down willing my bladder to expand and tried to breath without sounding like I was hyperventilating and about to die. Best first impression ever. Have I ever mentioned how awkward I am? Meeting new people: not one of my spiritual gifts.

However, I do want to give a shout out to my friends who have been there for me as I’ve been adjusting. AKA I’ve been texting them constantly because I have felt lonely and keep telling them that they need to come out here NOW because I need them. I’m of course kidding, I wouldn’t expect them to drop everything they are doing with their lives just to appease me *I wish there were a way to show my imagined facial expression*.
I also want to thank my parents for being so supportive of me pursuing my dreams all these years. I truly appreciate their support and this whole experience would not be possible without them. Literally.

As I have adjusted I have found a church that I think I will continue to attend throughout the summer. North Raleigh Community Church. I am hoping to learn a lot from the way they “do church” and bring it home with me. The more liturgical aspects are different from any other church I have attended. The service is structured in a way of worship that is different every Sunday. There is a time during service for dialogue between the pastor and the congregants. There is a huge focus on the enneagram and how that plays in community and spiritual friendship. It’s different, and different is exactly what I need right now. I miss my Woodcrest family — along the many people I love and care for back home — very much and I wish you could join me here, every day.

I finally feel myself becoming acclimated to Raleigh and am beginning to fall in love with it. 🙂 I have had the joy of finding this quaint little place in North Raleigh that I have frequented on multiple occasions. I have attended Summerfest with the North Carolina Symphony and enjoyed listening to some of my favorite classics along with a rendition of 80’s hits. I have been running throughout the suburban streets of Raleigh, thoroughly enjoying the excessive amounts of trees and hills (I will have to share pictures to give you a better idea of what I mean). And I look forward to the many more adventures that this summer holds, which will hopefully include Washington D.C., the beach, the mountains, and many other cool things.

If you have questions for me, please feel free to ask and I will answer them in an email.


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