My Kaleidoscope Heart

I grew up in small town Missouri. I appreciate the beauty that is the countryside. It is my safe, quiet place when I am overwhelmed with the life I currently live in Columbia.

I love: summer, fall, christmas lights, rain, the sun, playing tag, cooking&baking, crocheting, writing, book stores, live music, coffee, sports, my friends&family, jumping with excitement, dancing.

I am: an older sister, a daughter, a granddaughter, a graduate student, a friend to many, a runner, an observer, a lover, a listener, human.

I have: a cat, severe road rage,  insecurities, fears, desires, unconditional love, a strong heart.

I am thankful for: my parents and my little sister, my marble jar friends, my community, therapy, the incredible writers in my life, the encouragement of others, being able to feel, our God.

What and who are the many pieces within your Kaleidoscope Heart?

Feel free to contact me at with any questions or comments you may have.


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